Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Watashi No nihongo wa wakarimasu-ka?

July, 14th, 2008
Leena: hello, zatul. maran kol me and said there's a surprise for sivanes. told him im on leave and told him oso dat ur in the office. so, u can arrange la.
me: what 2 arrange?

leena: ala...cakes & flowers. she dunno one. u handle aaaaa?

me: ok, can la. noon.. Maran: allo..zatul..
me: yep. who's this?
Maran: me la. don't shout my name aaa.
me: ok, i know2, dun worry.
Maran: ooo..leena told u oredi aaa?
me: yep. Maran: ok, thanks aaa..
Then, that afternoon, we got to eat Secret Recipe's Blueberry Cheese Cake and Sivanes got to stare at her birthday flower bouquet.


found this kit at Cash Converter, near SS2 PJ. I could pretend to be a
Paleontologist (am i even spelling it right?) anyway, it's a Triceratops bones (let's pretend, ok?) and it got all the chisel, hammer and brush inside. Let's just hope i won't break it into 3 parts!!!

Finally, after all the planning "virtually of-course" we did manage to meet. From La Bodega, we decided to eat at Fatty Crab. It's a No Pork joint but do not expect HALAL statement la. I've heard about i but it last Saturday was my 1st time. Crab, fried nasik, bread, fish, and fried chicken wings. RM33.00/head/adult. Kids, no need to pay. Anyway, it's nice seeing those people again. I couldn't help but wonder, if the whole batch was there, the owner must have been admitted into some health institution already..Well, We all still look the same except for some minor adjustments including from model-like figure to chubby!!

Atan is now L size, same as me an she's an Ah-Long (she claims laaa). Fina looks the same and works in IBM. Remy looks fairer and now a lecturer in Saudi. Zareen picked up some baby fats here and there but still single , i believe. Reeza came all the way from JB and looks...exactly the same from the last time i saw her which was 10 years ago except now married to another UPM-dweller and got 3 kids now. The youngest is only 3 months old and she looks fab!!! ummphhh...mine is 1.5 years and my preggy fat still won't go away. Bugger.

There's sumthing different about Azzee which i still can't figure it out. Works in MAS training centre and she's got 2 or 3 kids. Zatul (Iffah), well, she looks the same. She has always been the fairest amongst us but her bum still besar like before...haha. 3-4 kids now but still looks like an anak dara. She's attached to PERMATA (Petronas Training Centre). The sexy-tube-wearing is Sumy. She wasn't a Tesler but a friend to the bunch. She was with ker kids there and man, she's a cool mum. but garang. way to go mummy!!

Behind, from left: Fina, me, Zatul, Sumy
Front, from left: Azzee, Remy, Atan, Zareen, Reeza.

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