Saturday, July 26, 2008

The end of the world?

Don't panic yet. m not about to talk about the world's apocalypse or even ramble about Nostradamus predictions - that my fren, is an interesting subject though.

im taking about the 4th Naruto Movie where Naruto will die and it is very2 unlikely. y? Hence the name of the movie and the series. wut, like if he dies, the series will be renamed to Sakura? Sasuke? Anyways, i like this 4th movie - yup, i do- up till this hour, i could see the Princess will win and Naruto, well, survives. An interesting bit of the movie is, it featured the Terracotta warrior .
Well, if u must know, it originates from China, not Japan. Borrowing the idea, i dont mind but hell, the original warriors don't look like that. I know the warriors in Naruto are the bad guys but at least make it similar la. The details dont even bear any resemblance. For instance, the real Terracotta warriors' faces are very humanly, not 2 are alike and no mask is covering their lower face (dun mention the glowing eye la). Well, maybe i took it a tad too serious. but hey, psst,psst, i heard the Japs and the Chinese cant get along until today. i heard la..(citation required).

Another subject : SHOPPING. Of course , all for the kids and none for me. Kids clothing are, well, quite expensive nowadays for ppl like who earn peanuts. But who ask to shop at Baby GAP. Of course, the price tag will make my blood dissappear the moment i saw em. Anyway, getting the cheapies are not really an option since the color wont stay put especially where Clorox is involved. U ppl wud say what is wrong with me but, after all the cookies, bananas, cereals gets smeared unto your baby's cloth, you would at least need to rendam em clothes. worst case scenario, putting in a il bit of clorox while soaking the clothes for 1 hour would help. At my level, Poney, Seeds, Padini would be already good enough for my wallet and the designs kinda attractive too. But today, we went to Isetan ONLY because i got few hundred ISETAN vouchers to spend, which sad to say, last for a few pairs for Adam & Sofiya. Thanks to the generosity of the daddy, the mummy could shop few more pairs esp for Sofiya. hey, the sesame streets got 70% off what. From RM85, off by 70%? that's an offer i couldn't resist. Why would i shop for Sofiya when she will only wear it until max mid-2009? Shopping for Adam is boring and girls clothing are soooo adorable.

Poney, Padini, Seeds, Guess, Miki, all got up to 50% off. Hurry up before the stock runs out which probably last year's stock anyway. As much as i find ISETAN is full of non-local products, i couldn't even find 1 jar of bottled-baby food in emergency. But i love the Japs cookies tho.
1 month away from Ramadhan and i have started shopping for the kids. They miht end up having few extra pairs. helooo, i still got August and Sept maaaa. Me? i hv nuthing to buy for me in mind but considering dear husband will preach about how wearing new cothes on Aidilfitri is Sunat, i will consider buying readymade kurungs or kebaya. The ones i saw in booths @ Carrefour are affordable but the material may cause me to change into t-shirts even before noon. Maybe la. Another option is a baju shop in Amcorp Mall. I find em fashionable and for poor people like me, RM100-RM150 is the max. Tomorrow maybe before i spend em money on sumthing else. (dying to get a wireless guitar for Guitar Heroes)

Sofiya is begging for biscuits, again. well, i might as well continue watching Weeds, courtesy of Jay. Thanks for sharing it bro!! He must have spending days downloading all the 3 seasons. Wont get into Malaysia tho. The tile is already WEEDS unless they change it into sumthing like "Tumbuh-Tumbuhan". It's about weeds. Talking about title-changing-sesuka-hati, both daddy and son are at GSC watching Hellboy 2. Why the title gets the honour this time?

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