Saturday, March 1, 2008

Reminiscing good ol' time

Talking to Yatt. Lama tak cakap ngan dia. Feels guilty jugak. While coaxing her try to join Facebook, i oso updated her on the latest development. Let's see how it goes la. Remy + lebor? azee heavily preggy with 3rd child? Collin in the UK? hmm./ time flies. Elly is also apprently just had her 3rd child...Congrats gurl!!

Got a message in my chatbox. I've also put up the link "Shopping I". It's one of the numerous online shopping spot, which features branded items at a cheaper price. at least the owner is being honest of the used items including how long she has worn those items. I kinda dig the Keyng pumps but white? i love white but...hey gurl, my size is 6. Try it. Shopping II features a friend's shopping spot. Sexy stuffs but i gues not in my size...:P
What i'm doing today? Office work while coaching Adam with his week is his SK & KAFA exam.
good luck to me i guess..wile my hubby is somehwhere in PD for his company trip!!!! Having fun!! Hope he will bring home a nice lucky fraw item this time!!

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