Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Happy Birthday Dalili Sofiya!!!!

Dear my "Buah Hati"..
there are no enough words to describe my love for you..
how i wished i could take your place..when you had to suffer in your early weeks..
how i wished my tears would wash away your pain..
then, i prayed hard...never in my life I've prayed that hard even when my life was at the lowest as it could be...........
i had to be strong..just for you, my love..
it was a miracle!! i thanked god so much..and i still feel Allah's bless and love.
for all the suffering you have been through....
you made us a better parent..and better person..
how thankful i am when you are here with us now...
for all the imperfectness you have is a blessing for me...
i learn to be thankful..
i learn to be sensitive..
i learn to be a human..
....and i am still learning thru you..
your smile made my day...
your cry is a lullaby to my ears..
your bite is a pleasurable massage for me..
for i am glad you're with us..
happy 1st Birthday permata hati mama...

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