Friday, January 18, 2008

The Hive

exactly at this moment, "The Hive" is on air - Star Movies. I am a BIG fan of creatures-on-rampage kinda style of movie -NOT!!!!.
I was pissed off with the intro + ngeri + scared. It starts with a woman in a certain kitchen and her baby is resting in the buaian. The baby was distracted by something and the mummy was curious. Then, she realised that a big hive and millions of killer ants were literally eating her house. She grabbed the baby and ran and ......she tripped and being eaten alive by the ants...duhhhh...what disgusts me is, the ants ate the baby too and her last cry echoed thru the nite (in the movie la)...i hate the director, the film crew, the producer...can't they think of something else like maybe the ants are killing adults , not the baby? the baby was sooooo cute...and i can't bear the thot of imagining the baby being eaten alive and she actually cried....huhuhuhuhu....

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