Monday, January 21, 2008

An Outing to remember...

Friday, Jan 18th, 2008
Was on leave but joined the group later in the evening in the The curve. Me and hubby pegi jln2 dulu shopping diapers..looking for a shoe to treat myself but couldn't get one. Lastly, while waiting, duduk lepak kat Secret Recipe. The Yogurt Cheese Cake is damn good! yummy. The best so far at least for me la.

then, showtime. We went to Le Marche for dinner. Simply superb. The food range is still great as ever, the hotdog is succulent, the fruit juice is tasty, the salads are tantalizing. What more can you ask for. We had a great time and boss is soooooooooooooooooo handsome at least by my standard.Le Marche uses ticket method and each food order at respective counter means 1 stamp. Cuma, during the whole makan thing, me and Lee Na went out froom the place for a while. We just have to leave out ticket at the check-out counter and retrieve it upon re-entry. So, say we just leave, who's gonna pay? or maybe becoz we were with a big group and most of the members are still in, that's why we were allowed to leave for a while.anyway, after the tummy full, we were treated to Redbox, also at The Curve. Mcm biasa la. Aku klu dapat mic, that's it. haha. luckily, hubby was free that nite and he went for a movie at a nearby cineplex and later, to the Saga launching. so, he was occupied while waiting for me.

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