Monday, September 15, 2014

Why is this so important?

wow..opportunity to blog is even rarer nowadays.
i have missed some important events to rant about, but here's a glimpse of happenings lately.

1. Transwater's Hari Raya event. why this is important?
well, ko nampak tak? slefie dengan ED kot..ko hado? 
and den and geng men"yumbang"kan lagu raya sikit2 la..

2. Visiting Wany & Son. Why this is important?
We last saw Wany..about 24 years ago when we were 13.
sadly, this reunion also meant we were visiting her sick son at HTAR Klang.

3. Valve Division's Raya Potluck. why this is important?
of course la mak organiser kaaann...and the fact that there were lotsa food around .

4. MYCP Miri Open House @ Miri. Why is this important?
Of course, MYCP is also important and the event itself meant some unfortunate yet lucky kids are getting fancy wheelchair for free. Well done team!

5. Cherating ad-hoc holiday. of course it's important!
apart from the walk-in adventure, it was superb and maybe repeated in very near future.

6. The day when the distance meter was at "0" and yet the engine was still running.
the day i learnt that all cars actually has "reserved fuel".
phewww..we reached gas station just in time.

Well, i just had a minor operation to remove a 2x1cm lump on my chest wall. I don't want to say anything until the test result is out. and i don't really have the mood for any chemo in near future.
this news has not ruin the holiday mood.
but due to some changes, we have to cancel all major plans we had.

life goes on though. 

ps the op was quite uncomfortable and wee bit of pain. despite the 6 jab of LA, i can still feel the surgeon's finger trying to get the lump out...arghhhhh..

ciao bella

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