Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The : First Day at work

Ok. I was jilted. By a junior staff. But that was a few months ago.
She simply didn't turn up for work one day and tadaa...went missing for about 2 weeks.
Should i wait? Nayyy..2 weeks was generous enough.
Some of the junior engineers even got the cheek to say that i pampered her too much.
Hmm..put yourself in my shoes then tell me how it was. Ingat senang ke nak supervise orang?
Budak tuh dah la lemah lembut. Takkan aku nak jerkah dia. Kang pengsan, sapa susah?
Kau? tak kot.

So, since TW is quite lenient, we didn't pursue the case like crazy.
When the registered letter came back unclaimed, that was it.
Off i went to find the replacement.

Today, i was jilted again. Well, this time it's a He and i should have listened to my heart.
He didn't report to work last week, due to some family matter.
Ho didn't report to work yesterday for the very same reason.
Today? no sms, no calls, nada.

That's it.

Finding people to hire takes patience and preserverance.
Nih kalah2 nak pegi masuk hutan , dok 2 minggu and kelaparan.
I think handling a group of OKU kids is far easier!!

I thought hiring a 30ish yo guy will give me less headache. But wait a minute..
The she was a youngy2 below 25yo. She also gave me headache one.
So how? some people say, listen to your heart, instinct and reasons.

maybe i would. So to those people looking for work or is about to have your first day of work, read this:

1. Arrive On Time, If Not a Little Earlier

2. Bring All the Things Required of You

3. Know Who To Report To

4. Smile, Not Grin To Your New Colleagues

5. Be Mentally Prepared

6. Change your mindset, attitude

Banyak lagi kot article kat internet pasal keje2 neh,...salah satu BNET. apa tuh? google la..

and most importantly, SHOW UP!! If you think you can't or you won't for whatever reasons, inform la !@$#@@$R#@.

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