Sunday, November 16, 2008

Diet Part 1

It's been 3 weeks. All i lost is 1kg. hmmm.

The first week was not really a diet week since i did take full course meal with dinner. No major changes in my meal plans.
The second week saw me halved my rice and very little dinner here and there. I figured, that can keep me from gaining anymore weight but i will not lose any kilos.
This week, i did some lunch, sometimes with rice, sometimes heavy breakfast but no lunch, but definitely no rice at all for dinner. Yesterday was saturday and i did indulge in full-plate rice with sambal udang (hey, i cooked one you know) and onion tosai for dinner.
Today, maggi for lunch with 2 tbsp of rice and few cikadees here and there (got guests coming over).

All i lost is 1 kg. I was on the verge of giving up last hour but, hey, cheering up myself is not an easy feat to do. My diet was really on the 3rd week only and i already lost 1kg. If i continue, i may lose some more. Even my tosai last night was only consumed in half. Maybe i've shrunken my tummy a lil bit. I do notice i can't really down a lot these days. I am also hoping that the feeling i got yesterday lingers longer as i did slip in my fave jeans yesterday with ease. (or maybe was it because the jeans is over worn?)

Let's give it another week or two.

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