Wednesday, November 12, 2008

melayaan perasaan pukul 6ptg

January 18th 2009, Transwater Annual Dinner. Venue is still a big mystery for most but i already know!!!! yay, it's gonna be my first-time there, and sure gonna be exciting. Now, what's more exciting, the venue or the dinner? i think it will be the venue. ;-)
The theme is not disclosed yet but i plan to wear sumthing traditional like..kadazaundusun attire. The black velvet sumazau attire one. Nice, huh? A facebook acquaintance seems to be renting out these and let's see how it goes later.

well, while browsing through Damar Suria's site for March 28th 2009 SMSS Batch of 94 reunion, i came across a cute looking island KONET ISLAND. Yes, it sounds cute, funny and errr, terrible - mcm mencarut kan? kan ? kan? -Apparently, it's a haven for fishing activity and recreational in Teluk Gong, Malacca. Some even say it's a Bunian Island. One thing for sure, walk in the white sandy beach, savour the beauty, appreciate the sight of the cemetary (Hindu), errkkk...waaaaa....but do not forget that the beting/beteng/pasir that connects the pulau to the mainland will disappear fast late in the evening. If that happens, call for Coastguards, TUDM, local fisherman or swim. Or overnight there. hmm...who has tried that? anyway, the island is now suffers bad corrosion and sampah sarap berkeliaran. eh...berselerakan.

who's fault? ours!!!

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Johnny Ong said...

heard of this island b4. u have to run fast if u see water approaching hehehe


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