Monday, November 3, 2008

Beautiful Journey

Beautiful Journey: to both Ida who just get engaged last 2 weeks and to Zara whose last Friday was her last day in Transwater.
One had one of her happiest day in her life and the other spent her lunch with colleagues whom she has worked with for the past year.
I believe both of them has chosen their path wisely despite the hurdles they faced (or may face) in future.

Ida, for instance, is currently undergoing a moment in which the Malay calls "Darah Manis". Non, the type that Count Dracula would love but it's only a saying. As what people say, "bertunang" @ engagement period is filled with its own tests & dugaan bak kata orang melayu. Macam2 ada. It's common for engagements to break for oh so many reasons and it will raise few eyebrows if one decides to drag the engagement for too long. How long is too long, well, it entirely up to the couple, family and theie immediate circle of society they live in.
For me, it's all entirely up to you babe. If the love being nurtured is based on mutual trust, unconditional love and harmony, why shouldn't it last?

On the other hand, Zara will face new challenges in her life and may she has a smooth sailing career movement. She'll be joining a Government dept and i believe some (maybe most?) people believe that being a government servant ensures good life prospects and secured retirement. I hope they're right and i do see some good examples (a bad ones too!!). As for me who work in private sector all my life, i reserved my comment as i've never been there and i've had my fair share of dealing with lazy, ignorant and arrogant gov servants. But, i did meet some nice peeps who deserved all the perks being a gov servants and i truly respect them for the positiove attitudes that the rest of their colleagues should follow. Whatever it is, good luck to Zara and remember, we're still your friends.

Well, another creation of scrapblog from me to Ida..enjoy...
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