Thursday, October 30, 2008

Happy Birthday Lin!!!!!

I've managed to find time and patience to do Lin's page. Totally original w/o referring any past work. yay for me. Happy Belated birthday lin. May u have a blessed journey and happy life. Aminnnnn.

My morning was painted with images of Nafisah changing her car tyre. You go girl!!! She sure has impressed many. Sempat lagik aku tangkap pix. miahahaha..w/o failure, i've also noticed the surroundings of Jalan Pengacara U1/48 which is serene and not traffic-jammed in the morning. Nice view. come 8.30 am, you cant even find a decent parking spot. The nearest one is just around the corner, technically speaking. at the corner there. Sometimes, the MBSA will come and ..dont know what they do. We do see summons being issued like, long time ago. But, we have no choice either. This is an industrial area and parking space is very2 limited.

As of last night, i have waged another war with Adam, my 7 year old son. His exam marks are, well, dissapointing. However, i did spare some of the punishments for him considering that he's only 7 years old and his life just "begun". I have to keep my words that if his marks is not satisfactory, only mommy can play PS2 or it will be put where he cant find it. The school holiday is 1-1/2 month (7 weeks) and my plan goes like this:

Week 1 & 2 : PS2 will be hidden (mommy also cannot play to avoid son being heartbroken). No outing, no waterfall, no C4/Giants trip, no swimming, no Cinema trip.

Week 3 & 4: PS2 remains hidden. (mommy can play) Swimming, Cinema, Picnic trips allowed. Plus Crash course in English (1 questionnaire for 1-2 days).

Week 5-7: ps2 allowed with friends. All trips allowed. Plus various questionnaires from various subjects.

God help me!!!
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Johnny Ong said...

i really like that statement - make the years count - so true, very true

Unknown said...



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