Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Buah Tgn sambil menunggu

seeds, originally uploaded by skybetaversion.

well, everytime i came to Putrajaya Hosp for Sofiya's appt, my laptop will tag along. I also dunno why. It seems like it has a brain of its own...haha.
i will bring one. Just like this afternoon, while waiting for dear hubby, i've managed to create above photo by editing using PICNIK & PICASA2 and mosaic maker BIGHUGELAB.

At least, i had something to do rather than gawking at people. well, given much time, i would have completed my rantings at a certain forum but...owhh...hubby's on the way. mata ne.

P/S Kak Yan? Azean Irdawati? well, she kinda played with Sofiya a little. Bumped into her in the Hosp today. she looks ok, i guess.

dewa mata, for real!!!!

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