Monday, August 4, 2008

Que Sera Sera-updated!!!

Update. was sad alrite. I did manage to hold my tears during the tea-break.
However, when she came up to everyone , 1 by 1, i couldn't hold it anymore. i was speechless. didnt even manage to utter a word.waaaa....but it's for the best. She needs to be close to hubby, esp Aqir is already in the pix. She manages to get a job at a semi-con company. Good for her. I have nothing else to say except best of luck to her and family. Another alumni in the group.

what a sad day today's gonna be.
Suhana's last day with TW today, Aug 4th.
She has been a good cubicle neighbour and the one who has to listen to all my silly jokes, constant annoying singing and stupid faces i do churn out everyday.
Things will never be the same.
It's true thatn you will only cherish people or things when they're lost. IN this case, i will still see her today and god, i know what i will be missing.
Suhana Sahul Hameed is one tough chick, now a devoted wife and mother. When some people will bow to office pressure, she won't. no matter what, she will put a brave facade. I remembered the week when her mother was sick and eventually passed away, she came back to the office as if nothing has happened. I was the one who felt guilty when i played all the Hari Raya songs.
She sure got herself a will of steel too. When she was about to get married, she went on a healthy diet and always bring home-cooked meal. Her reasons: to look good on her wedding day and to save $$ for the wedding. Hubby sure got himself a good woman.

well, we've pooled some $$ for her and i've bought things for her baby & she herself for her to remember us by. We 're gonna throw a farewell tea for her today. Seems like, i would be bz...monday..

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