Thursday, August 7, 2008

~ Live strong~

i can't say i know what is happening to our fellow Homosapiens in Iraq nor can i say they are having a good life. I do hope so. Everyone has the right to education, to a good life, to food, to health, one way or another. Nor has anyone has the right to declare " oh!!! i'm bored this week let's invade another country!!!". Hence, a glimpse into an Iraqi life, an Iraqi Girl, would provide maybe not the whole truth, but "days of her life". Sunshine narrates her stories so well that reading her latest entry made me...sad. Here, we all attended if not the best, at least a proper school, without having the fear of having being shot in the head on the way to school.Or on bad days, couldn't even reach the school because the roads leading to it are closed. what do we have? the most is, traffic jam or arrive late because the bus "pancit".
Reading sunshine's blog will not only shed some light on what she has to go through on her 16th year of life, but it also will help us gain empathy, sympathy or ,maybe even instilling some humility in us. good read, i must say.

Aug 8th, another physiotherapy appointment for Sofiya. Update: she's a lil bit taller. still cant walk tho. well, i have officially exhausted all my 17.5days annual leave this year. kumpul duit raya bebudak le...hehe/..yelah, unpaid leave kan ;)

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