Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Becca & aSSam pedas

her name is becca, nick name of course. SPM leaver and did a stint in TW as a temp staff. To her luck, she was destined to attend an audition for Deal or No Deal in NTV7. She got the role. So, as today -March 18th- is her last day in TW, i wish her luck and we'll catch with u on TV.. Pic taken before she gets famous...hehehe..

Last reunion meeting, Pojik & Put were very kind and gave away few Noraini's instant "perencah". Well, today i decided to try one, Asam Pedas flavour. I was jokingly ask Pojik whether they have put fish in the box and was returned with standard statements like "apa lah ko neh" the way, Asam Pedas does not taste great. Maybe i didn't put anything else other than Ladyfingers (no, not human fingers u moron, it's "Kacang Bendi") and fish. I should've put more self-adding ingredient kot like daun limau..errr..entah. Asam Pedas reminds me of Del as her AP is simply superb. Maybe all Johorians love asam pedas. anyway, TQ Put & Pojik.

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