Thursday, September 13, 2007

Ramadhan Gift

Dear Almaz Architect, thank you for Ramadhan Gift. It is a great addition to my 2 boxes of Kurma ta home. Nice package!!! May god bless you and may your business prosper in the coming future.

haa.....finally, 1st day of Ramadhan. Things went as usual except i have to wake up a tad earlier for Sahur. Masa sahur mmg aku nih jenis wallap nasi la. klu ada ikan goreng panas+garing, nasi putih and lada + kicap, alhamdulillah, it completes my day. So last night i prepared fruits, air sirap nata de coco and caramel cocktail. at least, today klu pegi pasar ramadhan, maybe i will just beli kuih, itupun klu ada kuih tradisional yg menarik hati. frankly, aku nih bukak posa ngan kurma, nasi putih + lauk sejenis pun dh cukup. takde kuih pun takpe. lg pun i don't have to worry about not having food for puasa, insyaallah my hubby will go and kalah fomfuan bab2 beli makanan nih...i tell u, mmg dia rambang mata. I've been encouraging Adam to puasa this year. he says he will but if he's thirsty pukul 2 kang mcm mana he said. i wanted to laugh but as the matriarch of the family, i must be firm on this. so, this morning he confirmed that he will puasa today except exactly at 7.10am today, he minum ribena...hahah. and he looked at me "adam puasa kan?" and without further ado, he returned the bottle into the fridge.hmmm....go figure...

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