Thursday, July 30, 2015

Risks of reccurrence

What i went through last month, was cause by a reccurrence on my chest wall. Yes, the tumour was cancerous.

At first, the team wanted to remove my 1st rib and replace with titanium rib.
I could see they were unsure themselves.
Hence, Dr Aisyah, the head of Breast Surgery was called for opinions.

Aaaaaannnddd yes, she was not remove my.rib.

Ok then. Let's try PET SCAN before deciding to.remove any rib whatsoever.

This particular scan PPUM or any hospital except at IKN, hospital putrajaya. But since it's covered under company's hospitalization benefit, let's just go to private lah.

I can't recall.the name of the private facility in Bangsar, Jalan Maarof but it sounded like Maharani.

PET SCAN costs about rm2k bu with referral from hospital, it will.cost about RM1K. They will.provide a thorough report and.films for us to...try to understand. Hehehehhe...

Alhamdulillah, the tumour didn't.penetrate into.any bones nor my lungs. Phewwww...what a close call.

So, we.proceed with removal of the lump which i will share in another post.

Hence, please note that reccurrences are common but of.course, dreadful. It means, there are something not right.or not enough in our lifestyle, diet, preventive actions as our medication., tamoxifen didn't work because i am still havingy period every 2 months amd.i had a reccurrence!

Seriously, i need to help myself.

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