Monday, September 22, 2014

MYCP @ Taman Tasik Titiwangsa

It was actually World Physical Theraphy Day 2014 - Fit To Take Part event.

Should have started with brisk walk but being a so-not-a-morning-person-after-dawnprayer, obviously i only reached there at around 10.30a.m. MYCP table selling all MYCP stuffs was already set-up and of course, there was food.

Thanks Anis for the superb Lontong Darat, Nasi Ayam and oh-so-marvelous ayam masak merah.

The event was filled with physical-health related information booth and counters including 4 tests which costed us around RM5/pax. Yeah it was worth it but the food was more appealing at that point of time.

so instead of counting how many times i breath after exercise, i chose to count how many ayam masak merah i could finish...yeayyy..

Tengokla je la gambar2 kami...mesti dekat dengan food kan..jangan orang kata MYCP and Food - bagai lagu dan irama..

There was a wedding ceremony nearby and our jaw dropped when the AOC - Alphard Owbers club cars started to march in. many wooo...there was also rollerblading group and you can rent the blades for RM5/30minutes. Thre was this TTSC as well - Titiwangsa skate club kot..
budak 2 orang neh pun nak jugak skate la kan. akku dengan Fid confirm dah bakar berjuta2 kalori di hari itu.

so, eventhough sebenarnya MYCP tak buat apa2 event sangat hari tuh, pegi pun sebab dapat jemputan, it was fun.
lepak2 dan bercerita2 with friends in similar shoes katanya.
so, tak sabar bak tunggu Picnic in the park on Oct 11th, same place.

see you there.

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