Thursday, February 7, 2013

About a week before

Happy Chinese New Year my dear friends.
and happy holidays to the rest.
4 straight days. wow-weee...we gonna have a tough time coming back to work..think wednesday morning..

but for me? it's gonna be a week leave. My chemo will start on Feb 13th @ wednesday.
usually MCs will be given for 2-3 days.habih MC den nanti.

Ada yang bertanya. how the trip back to Sabah? how was the traditional treatments?

well,i can't expect miracles unless with Allah's permission.
During my leave back in my hometown, i did visit several ustaz and traditional practitioner/healer.
All actually require long-term treatments which will take months.
so, finding one in Sabah is out of the question since i will be going back to KL soon anyway.

So, following a friend's invitation, i gave another a try. Another traditional healer using herbs.
After a bottle of plain-tasting herbal drink, i feel there is no effect. Actually, i also have no idea where to measure and what to look for even though i am now in stage 2 which involves another herb.
This one is claimed to wonders and he has few testimonies. I wont say there's no effect, but again, i will may only feel the effect if my tumour has reduced to half.

Afterall, all the above including are only asbab or wasilah as only Allah can heal.

but no worries, i am still thinking positive. Negative result won't hinder me as faith is keeping me up as always.

now, i am looking forward to my chemo sessions. this should be fun. I am gonna test my strength - bodily and spiritually. Insyaallah,Everything's gonna be ok.

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