Thursday, December 27, 2012

New found confidence (may i say Eureka?)

Today is the seventh day since i got the news.

Well, within 7 days only, i went through emotional toil and new experiences. Not to mention enlightenment.

During the first few days,i admit that i was not as strong as i thought i was. I did cry. I allowed myself to cry and wallow. Just let it go.

I cried in PPUM. only for awhile. Because the visit to PPUM on Dec 21st made me discover Apricon. Apricot seeds which is claimed to be able to fight cancer cells.
Why not? i haven't really go thru the net thoroughly but kita berikhtiar je. Placebo or not, i personally think we need to work for it. and Tawakkal.
Leena and Vijay also came to accompany me in PPUM. well, we will only know who are our real friends when we are in need. i don't have to elaborate further.

As planned earlier, we went back to Terengganu for Adam's circumcision procedure.It went well thanks to Allah. Cuma still dalam pantang la. Hence, we took the opportunity to see traditional healer in Kg Tok Jembal, Seberang Takir as highly recommended by one of the family members. She got a lump in her breast as well and it went away.

Again, many people could be skeptical, but we must work for it. Berusaha. Tawakkal. Redha.Stay positive.
This experience has enlightened me in some ways. I have regained my confidence ever since truly believing that Allah is always with us. Accept Qada & Qadar and always know that pantang menyerah sebelum ajal.

I also made some self discovery which is suffice to sum as we as Muslims, must believe, and adhere to Islam's Rukun Islam dan Rukun Iman. Insyaallah, peace will come eventually. Allah is always with us.

I ahve also change my diet altogether. No more Nescafes, no sugar, limited rice, and so on. The best part is is feel better. Of course, the withdrawal effects are there but slowly it will go away.

I am quite lucky. I have support from every angle of my life. Friends, colleagues, Family, superiors, healers etc.

Insyaallah, i will be fine. So does my niece who is undergoing treatament for fibroid (suspected) in JB.
Like accoridng to Ira, "Darah Pendekar. Berpantang maut sebelum ajal".

So, back to work. My email dah habis download dah tuh.till then.

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

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