Saturday, December 29, 2012

Eat or not to eat..

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Living with Cancer means major overhaul of one's diet and lifestyle.

Within a week, i know the meaning of Bromalin, Sabah Snake Grass (Belalai Gajah), edible Apricot seeds and so on.

These are the things that we do to survive: learn. read. seek for information. pray. stronger faith.

I could say the Dec 21st was the last time i even drank a hot nescafe tarik. After that, no longer.
I do had one cuppa though. Very little sugar and Nescafe. heheheh....just for the taste of it. Yes. The headaches of caffeine withdrawal was bad but bearable. And now it's gone, i am relieved.
So TESCO, u just lost a loyal customer of yours of your 3-in-1 Nescafe.

My regime for the day now involves:

1. 640mml of water in the morning before i brush my teeth.(introduced by a lovely niece.details: here)
2. Apricot Capsule. 4pcs x 6 times a day : 20~24pcs a day (i always missed the one between 12 to 6 am).
3. Pineapple at least 15 minutes before Apricot Capsule. Details : here.
4. Papaya: trying to down one as much as possible say every 4 hours. details: here.
5. Habbatussauda for general well-being
6. Jus Delima (very soon)

In plan:
1. Sabah Snake Grass products
2. Visit to Darul Syifa.
3. Visit to Al-Hidayah maybe?
4. Daun Betik Rebus

My Menu:
Lots of fruits
Lots of vegetables
Very little frying involved
Snacks - Walnut
I limit my bread intake to breakfast only or if dah kebulur sangat.

I have also met a traditional lady practitioner in Terengganu. well, there are some amalan dan bacaan to be done sekerap mungkin. I am also planning to go back to Sabah in January itself as requested by dear mommy to berubat akar2 kayu.

so, u might ask. Can i do it? Yes i can.
Isn't it a lot? Yes but we all have to work for it. Berusaha. Berikhtiar. Pray. Tawakkal. Insyallah. Kecuali ajal menjemput.

and oh, one more thing. Confident. Positive.

As a fellow cancer-fighter texted me" try variety, one will hit the jackpot"

so, apa lagi...redah..

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