Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Lumpy December

It all started early 2012. I had detected a lump on my right breast in 2011 and upon seeing a Groupon promo for Pathlab Breast Check, me and fri3nds decided to go for one.

so, in Feb 2012, i did the ultrasound and resulted in Fibroedonoma which is just  lump of tissue with 1cm diameter. why hadn't i get it removed?
yes i should have consulted a Gynae or breast specialist alike.
I do have friends with cysts and fibro and with mixed stories and reactions, i came into conclusion that i can wait.

Fast forward few months after, i guess my first diagnosis could be wrong sibce it's already a huge lump now. for the past few months my PMS worsen and i could feel the pain.
Peeking into my referral letter from the clinic i could see it'S already become a 9cm lump. Yes physically i could see and feel thw difference. the signs.

Luckily, i am surrounded by good people in my life. The whole Valve management team including my HOD and Mr GM actually pushed me to see a GP they know well.

hence today i am in Sunway Medical Centre just completed my mammogram and waiting for ultrasound. Boley doctor tuh gelak bila aku tanya biopsy tuh sakit tak.jarum dicucuk2 kot...haiyaaa...

so friends before you come for such tests or any medical tests;please remember this:
1. Harras your GP for referral letter.without which comp insurance may not pay you back if you are on Pay and claim basis.

2. Make copies of your lwtter for you, HR ans neighbour.hhhe

3. Call your insurance for any info you might need like balance of your entitlement.

4. Make appt with your prwferred spwcialist.

5. Bring any medical record or test result.

6. identify if thwre is any family history including from which side. maternal or paternal. sebab kklau maternal gen dia kuat sikit. x silap ingatan aku la

If you're in for breast exam, you may need to do mammogram which is contrary to popular belief, not painful. uncomfortable yes.
pastuh sah2 kena tukar baju kan. terkial2 gak aku tadi siak. hehehe
kat SMC neh ada locker letak barang free dlm area Radiology.
so sementara menunggu harusla mengupdate kan.

lamanya ultrasound.lapar neh. nak biopsy lagi.

papepun wish me luck. no matter what is the result, hadapi nya dengan tenang and stay positive.if not for me, for Adam and Oya.

pix : later.dai

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