Saturday, June 8, 2013

Cycle# 5 & 6 - Chemo & Post Chemo's been so long..told ya i'm not a blogger tegar....
well, Alhamdulillah. The last chemo (i'm crossing my finger) is over.
The result from the 5th one..well, was not so encouraging. The tumour size remains unchanged at 5cm.
But hey, it must really love my breast kan...wakakakak...
This last round..i feel the effect for about 1 week. Even as i was typing this, i still feel the heavy-chested feeling and my metal-mouthed has just started to reduce. phewwww.....

but, i've decided to do a right breast mastectomy. say what? yes my dear. I'm gonna remove the whole right breast and the chirpy surgeon announced happily that he ill also remove the lymph nodes. All this while he was looking at my breast wondering what size is my bra,. hahah...ok ok. he just had to do it. maybe he thought i was gonna do recon.

Recon is reconstruction of the breast. It's cosmetic procedure and you need doctor to actually lie for your insurance to pay for it.
so, i guess i'm not gonna do it. I'll just buy the bra that can give the same effect.

The surgery is gonna be on June 27th and reading on post-op care, well, do scare me a little.
Can i move my right hand? yes but not heavy lifting. means no dukung2 Oya for a month or so.
and oh,while the drainage tube is gonna be attached to me, i can't drive for min 2 weeks from what i read.
Thank god a friend has offered chauffeuring me to and fro office when i need to.
Thank god my boss has also offfered work-from-home thingy,.

Let's just see what happen then. Insyaallah, everything is gonna be just fine. Allah kan ada :-)

For those who wonder how much chemotheraphy costs, well here it is.
Hospital: PPUM/UMMC
Non-gov staff so has to pay on my own.

Pre-chemo (a day before chemo) - 3 weeks from the last chemo:
Take blood for test (immunity). Chemo will need to be postponed if my Blood count was not sufficient. (Luckily, mine was ok. all 6)
Review appointment with Oncologists to check on my condition.
Measure the tumour.
Get MC and prescription.
Go get anti-vomitting medicine.
Oncologist & Blood test: RM67.00
Medicine: RM5 (From kaunter ubat biasa) and RM27 for 1pc of Kytril (from PharmUMMC-Farmasi).
Total: RM99.

Chemo day (if blood test ok. No news means good news):
Chemo which lasted about 2 hours.
Cost: about RM30

Total per chemo: RM129.00 excluding other expenses and extra medicine from pharmacy (if any).

But company got insurance kan? so claim la.
It's covered under Daycare and fee deducted from Hospitalisation fund (not the Clinic care fund).

haaaaa.....costly kan. betul la. preventive is better than cure.

My OP pun kalau buat kat PPUM is gonna cost around RM3000.00.
But i have decided to do it in UMSC(Private wing of PPUM). It gonna cost around RM12000.00.

kalau bayar sendiri...pergh....meroyan.

tapi takpela. betulkan nawaitu.
Kerana Allah SWT. Insyaallah, everything is gonna be just fine :-).

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