Thursday, December 10, 2009

Road to Penang 10-13 Dec

Finally, we're leaving for Penang tonight at midnight. Kudos to TW & Valve Div management!

Organising this trip is a combination fun, confusing and hopefuls, or shall i say, carca-marba.
Planning stage went quite smooth. We already have the basics from last year's teambuilding especially on the costing part. Eh, this trip is not a full-blown teambuilding trip.

Why? because the only time we actually do the "extremes" is gonna be tomorrow, Dec 11th morning which we'll go to Jerejak Island for breakfast and trekking + flying fox. After that, although is still gonna be a group event but it's more to Jalan-Jalan.

As usual, the committee is headed by me (it's time i find proteges) and without Leena, Lia and Nita, we won't be able to pull this off.

This time around, some of the activities are based on polls result. I love it! Voice of the people.

Till then, pray that we come back safely in one piece!

and to those who can't go, there's always next time bebeh!

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