Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Yeay..good for her! hehe..ok My niece got a place in UITM shah alam to do her accountancy-banking related degree. I'm happy for her but i will be more happier if she got UTM Skudai indtead. Why? her elder sister is there. Enough said. Me? well, i can help her during registration, look for room, and check on her once in a while but she's an adult. I don;t want to interfere her adult life hehe..our relationship is although not so close (since we lived mostly apart) but we're not stuck to the traditional auntie-niece relationship.

enough said. My point is, lucky her registration is on the July 5th. My trip to Redang will be on July 9th.

Yesterday, June 15th, i was having a chit cah twith one of the organiser of the said trip who by the way, will not be joining us for the trip. My comment: The trip shall be organised by people who WILL JOIN the trip itself. Do not rely on travel agents whatsoever because we are the one who's going to go the journey and we know our colleagues better.

It's gonna be a 3D2N trip and we will move from KL about 11pm on July 9th, Thursday, So, we shall be having lunch in Laguna Redang Resort by July 10th, Friday.
Friday afternoon, Sat AM & PM - will have activity such as 2 x snorkeling trips and 1 x jungle trekking. I was kind of curious of the trekking part and i did some research on the net.
The trekking will not be as tough as trekking in Taman Negara as it is viewed more on bird-watching activity and running around in some bushes..hehe

Sounds fine by me UNTIL i was told the trekking MAYBE replaced with TELEMATCH. OMG!!!!
We had our telematch during family day and please do not let another one in this trip!!!
Since the idea of this trip is getting away from all the headaches rather than a teambuilding trip, then do not do any telematch at all unless the telematch will comprise of activities for adults aka teambuilding-based activity. Even so, it will definitely ruin my fun, at the least.
I think telematches are reserved for school sports day, comp family day, kindergarden open day, apartment social day, etc. and now i am gonna have a telematch in my supposedly-relaxing company trip? oh well, i may as well watch only and do my own things. who am i to go against them.

Upon polite-questioning with one of committee, yeah, they did the research on the trekking and the fact that it's one of the activity in the things to do in Redang was not even put into consideration. The excuse i get was what about those staffs who will present MC la, doc letter la, etc. Then i asked again, what about those staffs who want to do all those activity? what about us? why only think of them? we're not so damn very important meh????
Then , there's the queastion of MANDATORY word usage. If they intends to make it MANDATORY for people to join the telemactch, why can't they do the same for the trekking/hiking? No people ever DIE during hiking in Redang you know. urghghhh.....

Checkout one of the page:

I am angry but if the trip is intended to entertain those wimpies ONLY, so be it. Tell it to our face that it's not even meant for us.

Heed me well, i am gonna rep Valve Division in sport committee FY09/10. You have my word.

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Johnny Ong said...

its like that one ...... when's there's a big grp its hard to pls everyone.

esp when not everyone is interested with the same stuff


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