Sunday, June 28, 2009

Life Goes on, babe

well, all i can say is: RIP Michael Jackson @ Mikaeel.

Sofiya's latest update: able to climb the sofa, bed and configure my laptop. haish ini budak...
Next appt at UMMC @ June 30th, pm.

My latest update: 2 weeks every working day at Fitness First. Sampai pancit. adeshh..but fun least some calories are being burned than nothing. must continue. Most people are point blank SALAH. I joined Fitness First NOT because i want to lose weight. I can do that even w/o joining FF. I want to rev up my metablic rate. I want to be physically active, again. Manatau leh join Bootcamp Msia as Instructor..kuangkuangkuang...After i reach those, losing weight will be the confirmed byproduct. Via healthier means.

Flojo, no more maggi with tulur. Mau naik 800cal 1 serving kalau itu macam.
Neng, maybe we can "cycle" together for 5km everyday. everytime on the cycle machine, musti ingat kau. i wonder how u can do it...i am trying my hardest...

Looking forward to: company's Redang Trip July 9th-12th. i hope it's gonna be fun. (frankly, i have no tingling feeling about this trip. dont know's bad. for me). But look at Laguna's Redang view~ nice eh?

I got my new tops and maxi dress from TS. Thanks babe!! they're pretty and sure cover tummy punya. I like!!!

Emotionally unstabil due to everchanging hormones. waaa...ntah2 aku nih geng Ben10. kuangkuangkuang.

Lots of going ons with work nowadays. Frustation on human behaviour. My own expectation on my seniors which frustates me even more. New challenges at work and few more headcounts to train. Now, that is fun and what make the office sounds fun nowadays.

Tetiba teringat kat seseorang bila dengar certain lagu. arghh..jangan layan.

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Johnny Ong said...

wow redang ...... long time didnt go. how i wished


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