Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Do we really need another resthouse on Mount Kinabalu?

Reading thru The Star and images of 2 young doctors from Peninsular Malaysia in Penampang in their bid to understand the locals hardship to get proper medcare, warms up my heart. The bid of parent of Errica Rendey Banyan from Kapit, Sarawak for some help in meeting their daily expenses while Errica is having her treatment in KL next month, touched my heart. Pls donate at: PUBLIC BANK 311 466 5431 (read NST) . The public could also contact Errica's grandfather, Angi Sawing at 013-5734301.

But the next article, does not.

Do we really need another resthouse on Mount Kinabalu?

The last project was halted after the protest by environmental group including by The Sabah Environmental Protection Association (Sepa) in 2006 and today, it came out in The Star that the state governmnet would like aka "is reviewing" to proceed with the RM4.35mil 4-storey steel resthouse-cum-restaurant project on Layang-Layang.

Heck, maybe at last, the state gov has seen that their move to privatise the service at Laban Rata was a mistake. Why? it is getting costlier to climb mount Kinabalau compared to 1985 when the climbers had the fun to cook their own meal or buy from the canteen. I wasn't there but some bloggers who happen to be avid climbers did. Maybe is is because package climber get the priority to climb compared to non-hotel guests. Maybe Sabah Parks need this project to provide cheaper facilities to the climbers as way of saying sorry. Maybe even to avoid people not climbing the old grandma anymore.

I like to call her Grandma because she looks like a Grandma to me haha (i AM talking about Mount Kinabalu, you know). From several blogs, i can read the locals and tourists do love her. Maybe it's the view, maybe it's in the ambience or the nice feeling she radiates everytime. heck, i have never climbed her but everytime i sang along to "Sayang-sayang Gunung Kinabalu" or even look at her, i get this warm, soothing feeling. Yeah, i am a psycho.

The article in the paper reminds me of the protest 3 years ago and now, those majestic images being ruined by civilisation is haunting me. where got la....i am a psycho, remember. But any development, civilisation will have impact on the nature. Tell me which one does not. But if you ask my immature, amateur, non-climber view - the project will definitely stir things up and will affect the environment up there. Can we de-privatise the current resthouse? Or maybe demolish the unspoken law of non-hotel guests will fill the last few vacant spots in the climbing list? Or lower the lodging + food cost up there?

Or maybe the locals politicians are too scared of voicing out these against the conglomerate for the fear of their own rice bowl?Or maybe someone's commission is being cutoff? These maybe wild allegations, assumptions but then tell me, why the state is even reviewing the project when the current situation is in dire need of review/rectification/reconsideration? From where i see it, the state gov is trying their best to take care of rich people heart by saying "let's move on" instead of taking into consideration the feeling of the locals? How sure are they that this project WILL NOT affect the environment whatsoever? Oh i forgot, If they have successfully helped demolishing the "20 Perkara", alaaa....how much la does it take to demolish the pride of being a Sabahan and a proud member of a state home to the Mount Kinabalu? Why don't ya levelled the mount altogether? ohh i forgot. Their ricebowls lay in Laban Rata.

Oh no, another images flash through- the major landslides in Bukit Antarabangsa. Though the area is , well, a mountain of rocks but tempering with the natural rock formation, etc is a scary idea for me. Blasting rocks to give way for a concrete building foundation seems odd to me. It's not natural at all. What's wrong with camping? Setting up tents are fun. Moreover, there is no confirmation whatsoever that the cost of climbing will go down as the only statement that came out in the press was" it could be cheaper?".

Well, It will be protested again by the environmental groups i tell you. We have enough of wrongdoing and we have perfected our skills in ruining mother nature. I don't need another skill and "Accomplishment" in my resume. Buli Bah Kalau Kau!!!!!!!!!!!

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