Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Komuter oh! Komuter

This morning, i had the privilege of taking the commuter to Subang Jaya station form Setia Jaya. It was only 5 mins away from respective station and nothing has changed since the last time i boarded one.

Why i took the commuter? don't ask. The company i work with has generously subsidized a bus / van shuttle from Kelana Jaya LRT Station via Subang Jaya Commuter station to reach Glenmarie. The staff only has to pay a fraction tiny winy RM30 per month. But it's not about the shuttle bus today.

I used to take the commuter to work like 10 years and about 6 years ago when i worked in KL and Bangsar respectively. Nothing has changed. For example, this morning, the next train heading towards Klang Port was scheduled at 7.23. At 7.30am, no sign of the commuter. I think they had 2 annoucements. Why i said i think? because the loudspeaker DIDN'T WORK! How on earth would they think that we, the commutees, know what was happening when the loudspeaker was kaput? Then, shortly after, the head of a train came into view. It's perfectly normal except the yellow blue commuter train was, how to say this, towed by the head. I don't care. As long as the train has arrived. My officemate feedback later: the commuter with head didn't stop at Kg Dato Harun's station. I guessed this special train only stops at crowded stations. so, she missed her train and luckily there was another one 5 mins after.

come on la. No need to talk about the lousy schedule. The very instrument required to tell people of the delay @ lousy schedule also don't work. Some people may say "eh! you don't know what KTM is facing la". In that case, why ask me to pay the tax if this not-free service is not reliable? Really pity those poeple who rely on this mode of transportation. Like this girl this morning, she missed her ride to from the next station.

What does it take this time? YB Najib has to turun padang?

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