Thursday, December 25, 2008

New year's resolution

It's been a while since i had one. Maybe since 1995 when i was so accelerated into a new destructive world. Maybe i've been carrying forward all my resolutions. anyway, im gonna make one today. so, my resolutions for year 2009 would be:

1. to ensure my telekung is well worn by me. kiamat is coming and im gonna be burn to crisp if i dont start repenting.

2. to start realistically saving. it was too late for me to realise that we're living in a cruel world but hey, better now than never.

3. to actually use the free organiser i got every year. Thanks to organiser year 2008 by Misha, my life was a bit organised last year. ahaks!

4. to ignore pesky friends who think they're to good for me or i am dumb and those who dont reply my email and those who never picked up their phone and those who seem to care but never actually be there physically or virtually when i need them the most be it for giving opinion on which shoes to wear to getting infor on the latest happening in the financial world.

5. to start dieting for god sake!!! i've hit the highest BMI i have ever reached my whole life and i am not ready to die yet since i've not fulfilled resolution no 1.

6. to not giving excuses not to go outstation. KPI babe!!! KPI!!

7. to start a good body & regime care as i have reached 31 in 2008 and my babyface (haha) starts to look like panda already.i wnat to look as gorgeous as salmiah does.

8. to lessen swearing activity related.

9. to love myself more.

10. to remind my dear husband to be a better husband and father. and pushing me to be to be a better mother, daughter and wife. everyday.

11. to join/attend each and activity arranged by friends & family i.e wedding, reunion, makan2. so they will come on my funeral to remember me by.

12. to conceive!!!!!

13. to do what i love more. outdoors and games. shut up!!!

14. to ensure my daughter walks this year.

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