Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Teluk Anson, anyone?

Mentarang? never tried before...
Well, a weekend well-spent i see.
Journey started on saturday, May 23rd morning. This time, we avoided the hi-way and Kapar route. Typical. Instead, we went thru Guthrie, Paya Jaras and eventually ended-up in K.Selangor also. Different route, different view, new location to be added in built-in self-GPS. The route is ok except in few area where we went thru mediocre-level treacherous terrain and dangerous , if you're not careful.
As suspected, i would stop at any of the never-ending stalls along the K.Selangor-Sabak Bernam no-toll hi-way, as i call it. The mangoes are scrumpulous, the mango juice is god-sent and mentarang, anyone?
So,ok, this is Sabak Berbam and look at the sports complex. so simple and cozy and you can imagine the rest of the township la. Very homely type, cosy, non-buzzling lifestyle.
Next stop, was Teluk Anson aKa Teluk Intan nowadays. Nice town. Not to forget the lenaing tower of Teluk Intan. It was actually a water tower before and there is a well at the base. so, you can imagine how it becomes "leaning". Had lunch around there and i kinda liked one makcik. she was very2 friendly and absolutely helpful. why? she helped me picked lunch for sofiya. It was a great relief for me since i was err...lost..on what to feed her..cannot be another cereal round,isn't it?

Not hard to find. If your facing the food court and your back is towards the tower, simply choose the left side stalls and find the first (the only, i think?) stall with mix rice. the rest, all "panas2 goreng" type.

the tour into the tower is free and you can choose to sign off your name as visitor, which i didn't. anyway, the staircase is sooo historical and squeks everywhere. but hey, it's a historical landmark, so it should be old, remember? i like the tower clock structure but too bad, the staircase leading to the clock area is sealed off to visitors. Even the -i dun know wut to call it-

this one..yess. you're not suppoesed to touch it. these are visible and will move periodically. Well, as the saying goes "rules are meant to be broken". Some people do touch it including Adam.

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