Friday, May 9, 2008

Best keeeeeeeeeeeeeee???

Ok. So far until today, keje aku sebagai OC - Organising chairman- tak abis2 lagi. Please remind me not to join any event mgmt company. haha. what's left now are balancing the accounts, arranging the photos to be uploaded in the main server - having as tough time to choose which and which, hey. not wrong if i wanna look goooooood kan?- The feedback form is not finalised yet, even the Training evaluation pun tak abis collect lagi.helllooowwwww, the 4 hours motivational talk is part of our yearly training..urghh..susah sangat nak fill up form.Part of being the organiser is i get to know the procedures, the people and the gossip.

1. Procedures - Internal and external and how to go about being the organiser. A tough job i must say as our idea may clash with the Titans.err..the management. Say, segregating the rooms and how to effectively select people to be in a certain group or room, so to say. For instance, for this trip,my idea was let a small group of people to draw names and so be it. Fair & Square. The list looked unfair though as there were 3 HODs in the group. I was kena nicely from my boss and had me re-arranged it. Yeah, apart from malu -i had emailed the list to the participants -, i learned a lesson there. sometimes, certain "engineering" is required to balance off any list especially when it involves people. Justifying the Captain for each team is another matter and i had to come up with a matured explanation on that also. Roomates arrangements - also engineered apart from it was also being drawn fair & square. I didn't intent to let the people know who will be their roomates and kept it a surprise until it was time to check-in. The objective of roomates arrangements was to let people fom the same work team stay together and do some bonding. hmm..sounds fair to me. on the other hand, i was getting the idea that i am a good-for-nothing OC.

2. People- getting to know the hotel peeps, the caterers even the coach service owner are not a bad idea. Apart from it's easier to get favors when you know them, we can do with new friends in our life. Remember, the so-called "engineering" to the list won't make it if it wasn't for the Hotel Manager. Not to mention to refund the cancellation done one week before the trip. This also goes to knowing my colleague. Very good testaments as i know who i can count on later whenever i need a "committee" setup. I certainly don't need people in my team who needs constant reminder of what need to be done when briefing and itinerary were already provided.

3. Gossip -it's a shock to learn that some things are happening in the office without you realizing it. Noooooooooooooooo, i won't spell it out here and...damnn..those are interesting and changed my perception already. Well, better perception it is. As a malay saying goes "air yg tenang jangan disangka takde buaya". anyway, knowing the gossips will help in arranging the roomates, grouping and team members for activities. Come on, this is a team-building trip and thus, people shall mix together and try forge a better relationship. we can't be bickering all he time. Gossip aren't bad at all if you know how to handle it. Use it for your own knowledge in mixing with the people and no to mention, the sensitivity.

suffice to say, the trip has taught me a lot form being an OC to being a person to being a teammate o being an employee. why? TEAM WORK RULESSS!!!!

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