Tuesday, August 25, 2015

24th Aug 2015

Oya had a bad night.
She was grumpy and jumpy.
Threw her cup across the living room.
Stomped on her fave bread.
I wonder why.
Mummy had to cheer her up.
Soon after, she is back to her joyful, sometimes annoying, self.
Oh, what's all the ruckus was all about?
She was having her fave warm Milo when she decided to dump her butterscotch bread into her drinks.
Of course, there was no milo left as the bad bread has "drank" her milo till there was not even a drop for her to drink.hence, the tantrum.
Hmmmm....that was surely bigger than the currency issue.


But what i did next, made me feel guilty all night long.
Aggravated by the rush of anger towards someone else, i practically dragged her to the bathroom to clean her up. yes, yes, guilty as charged. and it left a mark on her neck as during the "struggle", she scratched her neck against the coffee table. Luckily, i had the edges of the table "bandaged" weeks before. if not, she might have a bleeding wound instead of scratches.

i am not gonna keep on defending myself on whether i am a good mother or not.
be in my shoes for a day and let me know about it :)

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