Monday, November 17, 2014

Oya. Just oya.

Suddenly i have the urge to share these videos of oya. This was recorded last month in pantai batu buruk.

I used to keep her progress to myself. Fearing others may think that i talk big one. But lately, i get the feeling that some people needs motivation.
Well, those who have seen or know oya before the age of 4 years old, will know that she was not able to stand at all.
Diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy at 2 years old after a traumatic birth experience which caused oya to be admitted in NICU for 2 weeks, we were told to not hold our hope high. Seriously, she was hanging to dear life those days in NICU. she was on constant medication and she was on the 2nd drug when we were told that she might not make it. Hokay? 50-50 org kata.
We authorised the doctor to administer the 3rd drug and alhamdulillah, the seizures were gone and she could breathe on her own.
To say that oya was not severely affected, is to belittle the efforts done by us, her therapist, family members and my ever loyal babysitter. We had rough days, financially,emotionally.and physically. Back then, there was no MYCP nor any support group till 2010/2011. i had nowhere to refer to except for occasional information in the internet.

But yeah, we did held our hope high and i remembered bringing her to local tukang urut whatnots.
And yeah, we do have our worries and obstacles. It was not easy.
She may not be bedridden and need wheelchair all the time, but do not ever say that her case is not so serious, so-so. We worked hard,prayed hard,sacrificed  and the age of 4, she started to stand.
Now, at the age of 7 we can see what she is able to do. Aloooo...don't with normal kids.
My intention is.not to show off, nor belittle others. I just want to show that with hard work and prayers, fate can turn around. Trust me. Been there.
Video: to upload later.

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