Sunday, February 27, 2011

The one with Friendlist.

What would you feel if you found out that you are being removed from a friendlist, say Facebook? Well, we have myspace, friendsters and many more in which i don't have any accounts with.

Sad. some would say.

But hey, if they don't wanna be friends with you anymore, so? Why would we be sad for someone who is truly not a friend?

Maybe, just maybe, i may question some of my friends if i were to be removed form their list. Especially if i've known them for a very long time. Frankly, i simply wouldn't care if they're form my workplace i have been befoe and currently am. Most of them are simply mutual friends. We share our worklife and may even share some afterwork activities together. I find myself only really cherishing only a handful of them. Criteria? heheh.

well, why? because i found most of them, fake. Some of them are not sincere. and some, give me the total stranger's feeling even though i have known them for quite some time.

Maybe i used to like making friends and keep them in the circle. But now? i simply like to make friends and could't really care what they think.I sound just like someone's who's been dumped or something. hahah. Come on. I'm getting older and si simply couldn't afford to have irritating people around me. It makes me...feel and look old :D ngeeeeeeee...I've decided not to have negative energy around me and i am learning to do so ..

Hence, to those who feels like removing me from their friendlist for any platform esp FB, pls do so. I would understand and i simply don't care. Because you don't.

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