Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Pisang, exam dan BFG.

Ok. Exam. Adam relax. Result? Hancur. Tapi kenapa aku bole relax?
I have accepted long time ago that he is not one of the brights and far from climbing the Bradley stairs in my ol skool, Sek Men Sains Selangor. I have failed to instill in him the love for books, study and aiming for the sky like i did for myself back in my time. He will not touch the books unless i have a cane in my hands. Even bribing doesn't work.

Where did i go wrong? what should i do? ok. Plan B. Personal tutor starting next year. I hope this work.

There is one thing that i am proud of him amongst other things: He knows who his friends are and who to be close with. I like his circle of friends. At least i know, for now, he is in good hands when i'm not around.

Yesterday, beloved BFG broke down and yes, timing belt putus again! I malas nak tanya datuk sri why, when, what, how, as for all i care it should have been prevented earlier or BFG is simply showing signs of aging.

I love BFG. He does not require monthly installments anymore and i am really comfortable driving BFG. Hence, the stand that thou shall not change car until we're done with BFG.
But, at times like this, it may be a good idea to have a 2nd car. Just in case. But i love having cash even more. Tough choice. anyone have xtra and wanna loan me a car?

Pisang? oh. It's Oya and her pisang. That's it.

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