Friday, March 21, 2008

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There is one thing that u should understand, how i work. When u need me but do not need me, i will stay. But, if u want me, but no longer need me, then i will go
A statement from Nanny McPhee. A magical story.yes, it was already aired aeons ago but..i just watched it today in HBO...haha..ketinggalan zaman tul. Adam sure needs her!!! hmm..magical yes, but why she keeps getting younger towards the end of the movie? what is the significant? i don't get it. In the beginning of the story, she was fat and turned out to be so much like Giselle bundchen in th end. why? well, no time to think about it. I also managed to catch Truman in HBO. I kinda hate the story since the ending has no ending. what happen to him after he went out of where? why? what about? i hate movies that will leave me was supposed to be entertaining, at least for me. If i want more riddles and questions, i'd get them in my everyday life.
Like, why do o stop my diets before i even started em? haha. that's why i am very picky of what i am watching. I love CSI. Maybe becoz it provides answers in almost every episode. hmm..Steel magnolias next in HBO...nk play game laa before i go to sleep.

Today is Maulidurrasul and as i tyoed maulidurrasul in google search box, this went : Very informative and refreshing knowledge. Tmorrow, Adam's school will be celebrating Maulidurrasul. Below are some few points from the site.


i) Menyambut hari kelahiran Rasulullah disabitkan dengan dalil-dalil syara’.

ii) Disunatkan memperingati maulidurrasul pada bila-bila masa, terlebih utama lagi sempena hari kelahirannya.

iii) Membesarkan Nabi bersempena hari kelahirannya yang merupakan salah satu hari kebesaran Islam.

iv) Menzahirkan kegembiraan dan kesyukuran atas sebesar-besar nikmat dan rahmat Allah iaitu kelahiran baginda dengan mengerjakan amalan-amalan kebaikan.

v) Menyambut hari kebesaran ini membawa kepada mencintai nabi dan mencintai Allah.

vi) Mendapat ganjaran yang besar di dunia dan akhirat bagi mereka yang menyambutnya.

Thus, while Malaysia is facing it's yet biggest turmoil in history, we all shall sit down and menghayati makna Maulidurrasul kali ini. Sambutan kelahiran nabi junjungan Muhammad SAW mungkin akan memberi ilahm dan cahaya di dalam keadaan sekarang. Insyaallah.

Coincidently, i found a book while browsing for additional books for Adam. something related to "melayu" and possible answers why malays are facing with their downfall. Will sure to grab it later.!!

Taking about Adam, he is getting his exam paper back, gradually. First the maths, 76/100. Since his conduct of english is...err...a bit lower than minimal, he lost marks where english comprehension matters. "More", "Less", puzzled him so much till he lost good 20 marks. The next day, English. i was startled he got 82/100 in English. He lost marks in spelling where he spelled the word "she" as "shi". haha..i couldn't help but laugh. Although it might be his very first exam in standard 1, i am concerned of his capability. He hates going to bookstore let alone reading books. He even cried when i coached him in doing additional works. Am i to strict and pushy? some people encouraged me to send to those mental arithmetics classes. hmm...i have to think about it. But..the 3rd day, the science result was out and with 44/100, i was closed to change into a she-hulk version. As i went through his science paper, i realised it is not his fault. He couldn't understand the instruction. For instance, "I have ____ eyes". He wrote down "eyes" in the blank space. The question was: count the number of the body parts. He knew what eyes are, fingers, hand, foot. I am puzzled tho, since he knew his body parts but still wrote "hands" in the space with arrow towards the "hair". I guess he was out of space at that moment. He's handicapped due to his poor english conduct and i am to blamed right to the core. He may be strong in some other areas but i think when it comes to the details, he might get lost. Not to mention his comprehension and english. Tuition , anyone?

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