Tuesday, December 4, 2007


well, i got myself a new shiny PVC totebag, a membership and membership card to err...erm...Alamanda fashion VIP la...i think so la...so , since last week, there wereinvitation sent to me on GUESS fashionshow and requires RSVP ooooo!!! naturally, i didn't go.nice bag tho. i've been sporting the bag to the office and all.PVC? who cares. as long as i can carry my stuffs around which means my whole world :P...thanks Alamanda.

On different subject - Along with my request for $$rise, came new responsibilites. In the new capacities, i need to beef up my marketing skills as i would be the marketing point for Valve Division. tough esp i hv no idea what "marketing" is all about..hehe.. special thanks to my fellow cari forumers @ sabah , thanks for all the tips y'all !!! yesterday got my 1st assignment. no so bad as i need to update the info & pics in our website. not MY responsibility entirely, few ppl are involved. As of today, few new assignments.. nvmd, i asked for it myself!! so, try do keep up and perform je la...hope $$ is good tho.. still haven't discuss em yet.

Again, on another different subject -Ida's bro involved in an accident. He was on motorbike and he hit a car - drunk driver + car no gas + stopped w/o warning- so, clearly who's fault la. According to Ida, the bro got no choice but to slide his motorbike under the car rather than superman into the other lane and got hit by a trailer. worst yet, to the left, he would have fallen onto Jalan ampang as he was on the flyover in front of ampang point. The drunk driver got the cheek to scold the bro for hitting his car!! bloody hell. Lucky, the bro got a friend with him. The bro not so lucky tho. Both legs broken and the tulang broken into 3 points. Sib baik x hancur. Na'uzubillah. What caught my attention was:
1. The bro lying beside the road at 12 midnite. The phone call to 999 was passed around like it was choosing baju kat pasar malam. No luck with HKL and Ampang Puteri, lastly an ambulance from HUKM came only 1 hour after that.
2. 3am reached HUKM and he was attended to only at 7am!!! er..erk..does the word Emergency rings any bell????? arghhhh...weekend menas no doctor around????
3. After 7, a FEMALE NURSE tried to lift him up ALONE!!! waaa.....kakak...supergal aaaaa you. His exact phrase was "aku tampor engko kang" ...then, only a few male nurse were called in to help...common sense laaaaaaaaaaa...mamat tuh berat, bole ke angkat budak lelaki tuh kak oiii..nak nanes aku

as of today, both legs were operated and besi were out in. Ida siap amik pics lagi.gerun aku. anyway, i wish him well.

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