Sunday, December 9, 2007

let it all out guys...

a weird thing just happened less than 1 min ago!! i can't blog!! i can't type in the box!! and the title had to be typed backwards...phew, it's ok now -obviously-...

yesternite, went to Redbox at Sunway Pyramid. With peeps from Valve Division and a special thansk tu Jacky Zhu from Emerson, Shanghai for joining and entertaining us. You're a great sport man!!
karaoke..just my thang..i didn't even bother bout the food in the buffet corner. my aim was the mic and hit the songs -naturally- More than 10 songs per nite!! Haven't broke my record at Alamanda tho...7 songs in an hour. Finally, a time for us to let the steam out here....err...who let the dogs out?????? we were screaming at the top of our lungs. forget bout pitching, melodi, suara perut suara tekak whatever that is..we simply sing our hearts out....great moments..expecially, on friday afternoon, we had Valve & later continued with MRO meeting. Finally, my role as MARCOM - Marketing communication- was announced. Hmm..i don't think it's THAT tough but i have to be alert, pro-active, seriously pro-active and able to juggle the balls..

lama x pegi Redbox, now they even have the those for Genting Park..except it's not like there's a scanner or anything. not evryone was donning that band and still survive the nite,,hehe..
sooooooooooooo looking forward for the one..i could go on my own but it will be less fun w/o these crazy peep

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