Saturday, December 29, 2007

Jejak Qaseh II

Anor & Farah
Medical-Online Sdn Bhd
Pic Taken: 7th July 2000

These girls were no ordinary gurls. Not only their friendship has amazed me, they simply rawks!!! Nampak pakai tudung litup baeeeekkk punya. but kepala mmg gila2 sasau gitewww..Masa tuh Pokemon baru keluar and they were simply mad of Pikachu!!! they're so cute..sadly, again' i've lost contact with 'em and wish to see them again..truly...

P/S masa neh aku pregnant. muka hampes mcm tak cukup tidur...kuang kuang kuang..tapi masa neh aku selim body baek punya -perasan- ...

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