Saturday, December 29, 2007

Jejak Qaseh

Me and Disimon. We wnt to the same school, Science Selangor. He was a bit garang with me, slalu marah haku tawww but he is actually a very2 nice fella. Whenever i felt homesick, he would calm me down. Hails from Tamparuli Sabah. Where don't i have pic with Valentine? heard he's a Doc now somewhere. Where is he now?

Sunizah Sunin, from Ranau and went to SMAP Labu in 1990 and left the same year to continue her study at Sabah. Very2 cute and nice gal. Miss her so much. Again, where could she be?
Dayang Sablinah Sabli (Papar) + Hashidah Ratna (Ranau) - both from Sek Tun Fatimah, JB. Where are they?

wut prompted me to actually scan these pics? i finally managed to contact one of them..Iffah..thru a fellow Cari forumer..thanks a million Mai!! Siap bagi no phone rumah parents Iffah lagik..Iffah is busy kununnya dgn kerja least, i found one!!! Yesss!!!
but the rest? only time will tell...We were so close. Yalah, Yayasan Sabah students got to get together whenever there were school breaks. Then , we would have fun like visiting places, zoo, muziums, Kilang duit syiling (where was it already???), and lotsa travel. We would have tuitions, sports, kinda like our own school-time but more freedom to wear anything we wish. Preps, dewan makan, persembahan. Semua tuh la. hmm....those days....

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