Sunday, November 11, 2007

Disney live in Malaysia

Nov 8, Deepavali 2007.

Pegi open house hafizee. parking visitor was full and we had 2 walk. erk...jauh gak la :P..but, i didn't take any pics of the super-fabolous food!!! arghhh.. the main dish was homemade nasi kerabu. katering x main la. sedapnya.x pernah lagi aku mkn sesedap itteww. food theme: kelantan food. ada kuih buah tanjung [ aku panggil "taik itik"] rupanya Buah Tanjung made form egg yolk while kuih taik itik made from egg-whites. apart from that, there are a few kelantanese + non-kelantanese food incld kuih gomok. mcm kuih tepung gomak tapi hak nih lembut sket.

then, off we go th Taman Lestari Putra again for Kak Masz's open hse plak. ada mee rebus tapi aku mkn nasi dagang sket jek.

petang tuh, off we go to Bukit Jalil for "Disney Live in Malaysia show".nak masuk pun kena handbag kena search kalah security kat airport. merchandise kat situ pun paling murah RM25.00 (a coloring book+ magic wand). aku siap bagi soklan cepumas kat organiser [dlm slang exxagerated english] " why can't we take any picture?" (it's the rule) " i know but why?" and as expected, nobody could answer my Q. i went off with a smirk on my face.even if i have taken some picas, i wouldn't put em here....the show wasn't "a bring it on " for my son. Cinderella, snow white, Aladdin, are not his forte. he was amazed at the magic show however. i couldn't wait until the show ended. it was nice, great, amazing show but hey, not my cup of tea.
sambung. Then the seating arrangement. i thot the VIP (RM228.00) & Class A (RM158.00) seat wud differs a lot. sekali tgk seat VIP mcm kerusi banquet kat hotel. pastuh jarak seat VIP & Class barricade/divider, and when the show started, we actually could move to VIP seats from Class A Seats. so, what's the difference? except we didn't coz Class A Seat is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyy much more comfortable (padded stadium seats) than VIP seats. Isn't it a rip off???? yeah, maybe initially we will be ushered into our designated seats (yeah..VIP & Class A seats were numbered), but i still think it's a big RIP-OFF!! Class B Seats (RM58.00) is behind Class A seats except they were free-seated and there was a fence between Class A & B. But still, i think, Class B seats are enough to enjoy the's not that far from the stage provided must be there early to catch good seats.
anyway, overall, the show is superb (i like the magical show and mickey+minnie combo is so cute. Maybe we adults would still be amazed (for those who haven't been to Disney world) to meet all the Disney's characters. Plus, it's a good winding down activity, one in a while.

did i take pictures? hahahhahh..nope..i swear :P , the abv pic is from THe Star.

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Anonymous said...

hi.. i'm like you too; i.e. was wondering how come they didnt allow us to take pictures. and after few rounds of discussions with a friend, i guess its because they didnt want to spill out the tricks to the public. because in the event that they want to do the same show again next year, they knew they could perform the same trick but with a slight twist only.

something along that line la i guess.

anyway, i enjoyed the show so much! :)


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