Thursday, July 11, 2013

Post from beyond

beyond the south china sea, i  mean. not..the grave!

In points, here's the review of my week:-
1. so, last week, i've decided to just go back to Sabah for some break.
2. Me and Oya took Malindo Air. superb. Got screen attached to the back of the headrest.
3. I've not decided the exact date to fly back to PM though.
4. Oh...i went to Tamu twice including today, and my new discoveries are:-

Local fish-babies (hehe) from local river supposedly.
1 look i was "ewwwwww-ing" already but to m shock, my mom bought it.
okay. i'm sure gotta be careful about dinner tonight.

Green collagen.
or rumpai laut.
or seaweed.
Supposedly the best around AAAA.
me selling to friends at RM10 per 100gram.
Limited stock.
Linopot gu'ol or nasi ditumbuk sampai lembik campur dengan ubi manis.
sayuran local aka tuhau, cendawan comel+daun bawang+ikan bilis+misc.
superb meal!!

5. Bazaar Ramadhan Kg Tudan Baru. Gonna look for something else today.
6. i spent most of my time watching TV, laying around, FB-ing, candy crush-ing. i think by the time i go back to work, i'll be at level 100++. per no 6, i have nothing much to do. so nothing much to update as well.
so, later!!

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