Sunday, November 4, 2012

Sample Itinerary: Jakarta - Bandung

Saja je letak itinerary kami ...
Ingat senang ke nak wat itinerary.. yang buat booking lagi tensen..hahah

Our group strength is 13 pax and on 4 different flights.
I also paste the flight details and ETD/ETA where applicable to ensure everyone is aware of each other's flight.
and oh, one is also quite useful to include phone numbers of each group members.

Just note that itinerary is just a plan. what's gonna happen depends on the situation as well. For instance, we plan to visit Kartika's sari outlet in Bandung but we ended up buying thw brownies (Amanda's) at Pasar Baru and Pisang Molen at Solaria RnR on the way to Jakarta.
On 3rd day, we planned to leave TC at 6pm. We left at 9pm.



19/10 - FRIDAY
0805am - Airport Jakarta to shopping complex (sumiko, mom n vijay)
 0630pm - Airport Jakarta to Homestay/Dinner (nana n sal)
1130pm - Airport Jakarta to Homestay.(ira, umi, yun n abe)

20/10 - SATURDAY
0800am - Tanah Abang/Jakarta city
0700pm - Airport (beb's family)/Dinner/Homestay.

21/10 - SUNDAY
0700am - Taman Mini Indonesia/ Jakarta city
1100am - Lunch
0100pm - Mangga Dua/ Thamrin City/Jakarta City
0600pm - Dinner/Homestay

22/10 - MONDAY
0600am - Jakarta/Bogor/Puncak/Bandung.
Late afternoon - kalau masih sempat. Ke mana2 outlet.
Evening - Dinner/Homestay

0700am - Tangkuban Perahu 
Afternoon - Lunch- Bandung's Outlet2/kartika sari
Evening - Going back Jakarta.

5.00am - Airport Jakarta (sumiko, mom n vijay)
0800am - Jakarta City.
1000am - Airport Jakarta (ira, yun, umi n abe)
0500pm - Airport Jakarta (sal & Nana)

0500pm - Airport Jakarta (Family Beb)

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