Tuesday, November 27, 2007


ok, i may have exaggerated it a LOT but while jamming my laptop with junks, i actually bump into -->> http://gdwtudanbaru.com/gdwtudanbaru.htm. OMG!!! my kampung punya website. but err..if you ask me who are these ppl featured in the site, i would remember their face but none the names. but hey!! blaming not good my friend. But of course, i do recognise the author aKa caretaker of the site Hajimin. 2 thumbs up!! Geng, the pic sia curik dari site tuh..jan kamurang saman sia aaa.... sia nda da tusin..hahahaha...the site is simple and informative. maybe an update or two each month would meriahkan lagi the site. maybe some pics of latest development, latest baby, weddings, news, anything. so ppl who are actually away would feel right at home..sobsobsob...i want to go back tomorrow!!!!!!! as if i could. i would but..nvmd. I hv trouble navigating the page initially. maybe needs some improvement. come on, mesti ramai rakan muda kampung who are actually internet savvy kan..no, not those yg got Friendster or myspace accounts ..these ppl may not be necessarily good. what i mean is, ppl who can do with HTML ke, anything related to site development la. me? no wayyyyyyyyyyyy jose..........i cilok2 info from internet jugak.haha.
paste some pics guys. maybe the warga emas pics including my lovely grandmother. sure, y not kan? planning to go back raya 2008. insyaallah.
btw, at least, there is something la about Tudan Baru. i was taken aback when i found those info on Keningau & Tudan baru including all those "bands" @ youtube...u better watch put what u guys are rolling..till then, banyak plk aku membebel.....adios..

P/S above pic is old pic of tudan baru.

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