Saturday, October 25, 2008

TW Deeparaya 2008

The event started at 5.30pm with short 5 sentences opening speech by Mr Tan and voila, the makan2 started and successfully added 2kg to my weight.*sigh*.
In short, many people couldn't attend the event due to prior engagement with customers, outstation, and deepavali holiday.
suffice to say, we could eat all we want and yes, we do tapau home...miahahaha.
the best dressed winners are:
Men best: Zahrul - reason: he put up a brooch on his songkok and hence differentiates him from the other similar looking staffs.
Men runner-up: En Rahman - maybe because he was loud? well, he did shines tho with his green attire.
Lady best: Vasanthi _ without a doubt! she has got the most bling2 attire and her colourful saree is superb!! loved it.
Lady Runner up: Yvonne - the only chinese with kebaya (i think la). black kebaya . so, she must have been outstanding (tho some people do question this one because Jo was even more outstanding with her colourful punjabi suit).
~ this scenario sounds familiar. hmm....~

anyway, it ended around 8 and the Party Plan caterer was very effective in clenaing up inclusive of taking Fariha's plate while she was still enjoying her food. damn it..y u senyap jek? haha..
since, there were not so many people, hence the event my words, less glamour and the people dressed up ..normally.

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