Monday, September 8, 2008

My [mad] twin

While my twin was keeping herself busy by cleaning up the bedroom (out of a sudden), i was amused by Aznil's antique in Tom-Tom Bak. He sounded more like Indons when in reality he was trying to converse in Sabah slang. haha. mana ada bah kamiurang cakap mcm tuh. bikin gali. Sia heran jugak. kanapa kdg2 orang bilang kami cakap macam Indon when clearly we don't!! Anyway, this week show were filled by sabahan children and i wonder why. Maybe ASTRO did put all the applications from Sabahans, chose the best, and decided to call them all in for 1 show. We had Tarian Bajau (I think la), alaaa...yg pilipin punya tuh bah...we had storyteller and we also had a funny lil boy who spoke in sabah slang the entire show. bravo!!!

Talking about show, i managed to watch The Other Boleyn Girl.

It's a story set in Tudor England and it involves the royalties. The casts? see above posters..ahaks. Boleyn Families are of Low-class level of the Royal Family and hence, the girls can only be either Lady-In-waiting (PA /Personal Maid) or be a mistress. It's about a truce between two sisters in capturing King Henry VIII's Heart in which Anne Boleyn (believed to be the eldest, not George) managed to but later only to be executed for having an incestuous affair with George. Now, Anne was portrayed as an ambitious lady who wants the Queen's throne. However, how would so since Queen Catherine (Catherine of Aragon) was there and then, the Queen's favorite Lady-in-waiting as the mistress. Somewhere own the storyline and history, Anne managed to marry King Henry and later executed. Mary? well, she married a commoner. Her misrable life is depicted in another novel by Philippa Gregory is a 2004 "The Queen's Fool". It's good to note that Queen Mary I was a daughter by King Henry and Queen Katherine while Queen Elizabeth was a daughter by King Henry and Anne Boleyn. Henry Carey, 1st Baron Hunsdon of Hunsdon, and Catherine Carey, Lady Knollys, were the offspring of either King Henry or William Carey with Mary Boleyn. so, we'll never know!!!

Ok, now my fave kinda movie - The War of The Dragon.

Jason Behr starred in this Korean movie and i like it on the basis that it based on a dragon folklore. haha. Korean Dragon are supposed to have 4 toes. Legend has it that a Chinese Dragon was walking towards south when it started to lose its toes on by one. Hence, Chinese Dragon has 5 toes, Korean Dragon has 4 toes and Japanese Dragon has 3 toes. Please go here for synopsis ->

which poster do you like more? i like the 1st and 3rd. The first looks mysterious and rather more like a poster for online game. The third looks very movie-ish. the rest? looks like cheap movies. The stunt and the graphics in this movie are ok and you wont really notice the weirdness of a serpent slithering thru the city. Even the flight direction of the debris looks real. Watch it.

Oh yes. Jason Behr is the guy from Roswell in which i hated him. But, abocve pix, nmpk cute plak.

On other subject, i accidentally came across Par-Boiled Rice or Beras Rebus. My other half was supposed to buy a kampit of beras of 5kg and my instruction was "do not buy anything above RM25.00". So, he was kinda looking for a beras in which harganya is exactly RM25.00/5KG. When he couldn't find it, he took the one with price tag closer to RM25.00, which was RM20.00. I'M sure that there are many other white rice available in the supermarket but forgetting that my dear husband don't even know how to cook rice, i should have known better. He thought that all rice is of the same type and he bought Par-Boiled Rice. I've never eaten or cook any. so, i surfed the net and couldn't find any special notice on how to cook the beras. Instead, i found out that this type is quite nutritious and in between Brown rice and white rice. perfect choice. nvmd. I've noticed that 2 pots of white rice IS NOT the same as the same amount of Parboiled rice. But it tastes nice and really2 in between of brown rice, Basmathi and white rice. Minus the sticky parts. Good for nasik goreng. my adventure with Parboiled rice has not ended and to be continued.

My twin cleaned the windows at 2am yesternight and changed the curtains all together. mad isn't she? She's kinda in the "spring-cleaning mood & mode" and will throw away anything that comes in the way.

well, let her be. At least, something is done around the house.

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