Wednesday, December 26, 2007

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haaaaaaaaaaa.........the week is over...
19th - Afterwork, dash back home, packed up and get outta the house at 9pm. stop by Gombak's petronas and had McD...10.30pm time to hit the road except i wasn't driving..harharhar good for me..sooooooooooooooooooo good. If not bcoz of the baby, i wud be the driver since hubby is ..rabun malam, i didn't know how was the traffic flow except it's a bit jammed here and there..

20th - 4a.m. nevertheless, alhamdulillah, reached home at Chendering safely. Bath, change and bottlefed sofiya and time to hit the bunk. about 9a.m. baru bangun..oopsss..Raya Haji...selamat menyambut aidiladha.

Doting grandparents

21st - 3pm. hit the infamous bundle spread in Batu Buruk beach. tips: only hit the 1st three camps from the Primula hotels. They have stuffs from Singapore as well. the rest, i heard is more Malaysian things and common. i was told that the bundle towkay actually hires some people to go to each house and buy 2nd hand good quality bajus, seluars, baby stuffs , comforter, whutever nots..i found Baby Guess gowns in tip-top conditions. didn't like the colour tho..malam, pegi rumah mak teh telemong. wajib. she's so nice to my kids. and she is a very nice lady.
22nd-24th - makan, tidur, tv, ronda2, makan, tidur. haha...

Sofiya - tv (commercial time) even food won't budge her

25th - balik KL.12noon and reached KL around 8PM. Toll RM21.00 (dunno the name) ok, no jam. Toll RM3.00 (karak kot??) ok, clear. Toll Gombak..adeh..but well-known dah toll nih, kacau lorong smart tag je. ceh. penat aku pakai smart tag jek. otw balik, stop by Kuala kemaman. Usuan stop would be Kedai che wan. the satar is superb (tho not my food of choice), i love the Otak-otak ikan except nasi campur takde. Latest was Nasi Kawah. So, i wanted to stop at "Kedai Nyusuk" but hubby objected. ceh!!! takpe next time. The kampung style food is simply super-superb!! Pari, ikan bakar, ulam2an. tmpt lain pun ada but this one is sooooooo kampung even the kedai does not have any signboard. anyway, "Kedai Nyusuk" also means kedai yg agak2 tersorok. Non-frequents would not know this place and Iqbal intro me to this place few months ago..thanks bro!! lastly, pegi la kedai apa ntah. sebelah tailor@ kedai bundle, yellow-colored shop. The plate is huge-similar to Big Plate- except the material is hardened plastic unlike BP.Ok la....comparing the satar+otak2 with Kedai Che Wan, KCW is waaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy better. Ok, this was the time i saw the above unfortunate public phone. what happened people??????????? earthquake? flood?OMG!!! Yeah no doubt practically everyone has HP nowadays, but whut about those WO HP? Emergency? i can only imagine. Even so, when malaysian can learn to appreciate public amenities?only god knows..

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