Thursday, February 28, 2013

Dinner & Such

The theme for year 2013 was Black & Purple.
Hence, everyone was purplish on 1st February 2013.
It was held in hmmmm..apa nama restaurant itu..lupa daaaa
Italian resto la..sebelah je dengan arabic resto yg agak glamer kat situ and tak jauh dari Baitulmal Kg Pandan., nyanyi2, makan2...
macam kat main teka2. memang susah babe kalau tak kenal orang nye lah..

kami? dress-up biasa dressed takla pulak aku letak sini...

muka tak bley blah aku neh...
that night i didn;t win anything..doorgift cawan Transwater je la ada..

While we are on the subject of Dinner, i guess i haven't told the story of Hakuna Matata

 The Islamic Fashion Festival was held in KL in November 2012.
Ours was held ih Marriot Bukit Bintang. Apparently, the festival is a week long with several venues.

 Transwater bought 2 tables and ladies from Transwater were invited as well.
Thanks to our Director. What Transwater do amongst those fashion-related companies? i have no idea.
There were several sponsors including Jamu Mak Dara and we got some instant rempah2.

Grand entrance. heheh tertinggal

Black was among the performer that night.

 Fashion shows.

There was also a group of ladies with Azlina Aziz being the lead singer.
and Kavitha was there as well, not as MC (Elaine Daly), but as one of the designer.

Two different dinners. Different theme. Different timing.

One thing for sure, i was there just to enjoy.
(ummphhh..tak menang lucky draw pun..dem)

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