Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Transwater Annual Dinner , Jan 18, 2009

aku tak sempat nak membebel pasal dinner sebab bz (ehem!) buat total petronas PA. Nope, im not indulging anything.

so, ok...the dinner was on Jan 18. Sunday, people, sunday!!!! why la sunday???? tapi sapa nak dgr komen golongan marhaen mcm kamek tok!! yela, org kerdil..kiranya jadik TSRC - Transwater Sports & Recreational Club Committee- kira gah la! Pundek tul..Hanizah, sorry this one not for you babe..i know you're so berjiwa rakyat...ok, the pres even offered me to be one of the committee AFTER my lengthy comments. what? think im so hungry to be known meh? i AM already known..harharhar..i dont need any position to contribute to my beloved Transwater...yes..you heard it right..MY BELOVED TRANSWATER...i love working there! that's why 2009 is my 6th year in it or to be exact 7th year if the 1-year stint in admin is counted.

Aku bukan nak pangkah orang kat sini -azhar, shhhhhh, ko mmg slalu kena pangkah ngan aku-. Tapi nak cerita psl dinner kitaorg yg superb. I must say, when a praise is due, we must praise la...Congrats TSRC for the superb job..we had a wonderful time although lil frustated sebab takde dance. anyway, everyone was glamourous (hence the theme) and in jovial mood.

Wah! I am impressed by the lucky draw gifts considering some of it were bought by TW..not contributed by the suppliers. few people got Sony Ericsson Handphone K500 on top of the vouchers (Jusco, Tesco). Most people got Tesco & Jusco Vouchers (RM50-RM100) but me? i got myself a Philips DVD Player. Neat! so the two airheads in my house wont bicker who got to watch Ben10 and The Transporter. and , we can also watch xxx in the bedroom to spice up the night..hehehhe....*blush*

One thing that spoilt the night and few other people share the view - the food-. I've never seen Prawn dish yg tak habis. Black pepper prawn i guess tapi tak sedap langsung!! The rest, can eat la. Nasi goreng je la yg i remember sedap.

Whatelse, yaaa...the entertaining show by Leina Hangat was warmly welcomed especially by the guys. Managed to record the videos of 3 different session and i must say, they were superb in giving corporation. Whether menari mcm robot or not, that's totally a different subject.

Leina's rendition of SUSU YUM YUM? or was it su su liam liam..our your director was forced to be apart of it...

Overall rating, the dinner event went fine and a success. The games were entertaining and the emcee-Nisha of REDFM- was hilarious & witty...Yeay to the commitee!!

The best dressed winners also deserved it!! No comments whatsoever after the event..Hooray to Sivanes & Syukri.

The girls

The Boys

hmm..this year's theme was Glamourous..could we have GlamRock next year? or masquerade party? kan best tuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu............

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